Innovations And Projects

A new model of functioning of a home hospice in rural areas

The model was tested in 2018 as part of a project written in cooperation with the Social Innovation and Research Laboratory “STOCZNIA”, which has been implemented since then in the Home Hospice. The model was noticed and recognized by the Polish Government, in 2020 the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy launched a program to promote it throughout the country.


The staff of the hospice together with Mrs. Hope, who is 99 years old.

The innovation consists in the creation of a support group operating at the hospice, which will allow for additional assistance and care for the seriously ill and their caregivers.

As part of the new model of operation, we have created an additional position of a member of the hospice team of the “Senior Citizen Carer”. His role will be to help with everyday matters when it is not possible to leave the patient at home for a long time and there is no possibility of transport, travel or leaving the home because of 24-hour care. Moreover, the guardians will help with care and home activities. For the residents, especially those who are lonely, it is also a chance for a simple conversation and staying with another person, a relationship with another person in such difficult moments.

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Social Campaign

2nd Innovative social campaign in 2018: “Throw a neighbor to the church, throw a neighbor to the church”.

The campaign was aimed at promoting help for the neighborhood’s dependants, staying in their homes in rural, still depopulated areas of eastern Podlasie.
It was directed to the inhabitants of the areas where we take care of our dependents within the framework of our home hospice, i.e.: the communes of Michałowo, Zabłudów, Narew, Narewka, Gródek, but its message was universal. Taking an elderly, lonely person to the temple is, after all, an opportunity to establish a closer relationship with her and enable her to participate in the life of the community, a wider contact with the world. The journey to the temple was supposed to be the beginning of a new relationship, a neighbor or a neighbor can also be dropped off at a doctor’s or a store, and also at another place that is important for them.
Text about the campaign by Julita Januszkiewicz in Gazeta Współczesna [download PDF].