In-patient Hospice


We are building a place where every incurably ill person will be able to feel at home, among their relatives.

The Hospice of the Prophet Elijah will be:

  • the headquarters of an in-patient hospice, providing round-the-clock palliative care for terminally ill patients at the end of their lives,
  • home hospice with a medical and rehabilitation equipment rental for its residents,
  • an educational space where trainings and workshops for children, youth, adults and professionals will take place.

The stationary hospice project was created by the team of Biuro Usług Projektowych Gacek & Hoffmann Sp. z o.o. from Wrocław. The inspiration for our project is a leprosy built by a Polish missionary, Father Jan Beyzym in the 19th century in Marana, Madagascar.


Father Jan Beyzym (1850-1912) dedicated his life to people suffering from leprosy in Madagascar. He was called the apostle of lepers and built for them the first real hospital in the region. He wrote about his mission:

Immediately after arriving on the Red Island, I decided to live with lepers, which caused great concern and reserve on the part of the French Jesuits living outside the lepers' facility. My confreres immediately realized that it would not be easy for them with me... I just "cut the truth"... I did not like to discuss for too long and fruitlessly, I immediately got down to work. I wanted to express my love for my neighbor not in words, but above all in concrete good deeds, as St. Ignatius Loyola wanted. Words need to be turned into deeds," I wrote in one of my letters. I spoke of my lepers "my dear chicks", I cared for them like father and mother, I was a nurse for them, patiently dressing their stinking wounds. Their sight stimulated me to be even more tender and kind to them. As best I could, I tried to comfort them and show patience. Yes, indeed, they were "the unhappiest of the unhappy". This is why I wanted so much to build a good and modern hospital for them.

On the basis of the following letter: Fr. M. Wójtowicz SJ, Story of a Friend of Lepers, “Messenger of the Heart of Jesus” 2012, no. 10.

The Idea Of Helping

The pioneering idea of providing help was inspired by Dr. Paweł Grabowski, but also by the architect Andrzej Jacek, who prepared a beautiful design of a hospice building for patients from rural areas of Podlasie.

The Prophet Elijah Stationary Hospice is more than a building

The patients will be able to go directly from the room to the meadow with a bed, feel the gentle, warm wind on their cheeks, the warmth of the sun shining through the leaves of trees, enjoy the greenery of their eyes. Their families will visit the building. There will be a place for a family dinner together, which will be prepared by the loved ones in the next room, to sit together for a meal as “once”. We have also planned an ecumenical chapel, for each of our guests. We will build a room with a whirlpool, rehabilitation equipment, therapeutic rooms, rooms for common meetings.

The visualizations were prepared by Biuro Usług Projektowych Gacek & Hoffmann Sp. z o.o. from Wrocław.

The construction of the entire center is an investment of about 15 million PLN. In 2020 we plan to finish the raw state closed. The progress of all works from pouring the foundations in the summer of 2019 to the present day is visible in Dziennik Budowy.