Educational Meetings

The motto of the Prophet Elijah Hospice Foundation is: “Out of respect for life”. We realize it by providing medical and psychological help to the sick, but also by teaching others what palliative care is. People in the last stage of life are often overlooked by the rest of society. It is difficult to notice that there is someone next to us who needs help. It is not known how to help. How to talk. How to be close, so that this presence is fruitful and necessary.
That is why the collaborators of the Prophet Elijah Foundation run educational meetings. Our aim is to remind people who are terminally ill, to build respect for their lives (even if it may take only a few months or days) and to show how little is needed to help.
We conduct educational meetings in schools, universities, parishes, cultural centers, Universities of the Third Age, associations, local government organizations, senior citizens’ homes. We share our knowledge with government officials and representatives of local governments, health care workers. We want to reach the widest possible circles of society.

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Since 2014 the Elijah Hospice Foundation has been organizing a cyclical conference addressed to medical workers and other people connected with work in the hospice.

Internal Training

At the Prophet Elijah Hospice, we make sure that the medical team improves their knowledge and skills in order to provide the highest quality of care to our guests. Several times a year we conduct internal trainings for the team.
Moreover, we also present our knowledge and experience at trainings and conferences organized by other institutions.


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