Home Hospice

Home Hospice

We run a home hospice in rural areas of eastern Podlasie, right on the border with Belarus. The area of our activities is 5 Podlasie municipalities, almost 2000 square kilometers: Michalowo, Zabludow, Narew, Narewka, Grodek.

The Prophet Elijah Hospice Foundation is a home hospice. This means that the members of our medical team help to take care of the patient at home. A doctor visits the patient about twice a month and a nurse at least twice a week. A physiotherapist and a psychologist as well as a dietician visit our patients depending on their needs. We are in constant telephone communication with our patients. We tailor our care – if necessary, we also have a team of qualified and motorized nurses who visit our guests to help with shopping, care and simple medical activities.

Palliative medicine

Palliative medicine includes the care of patients in the final stage of incurable disease. The aim of palliative medicine is primarily to improve the quality of life in the final stage through care, assistance in daily life, through professional medical, psychological and spiritual support. Assistance is provided to the sick person and their home caregivers.


Palliative care

Palliative care is not only a qualified medical staff (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists), but also a psychologist, dietician and caregivers. We do not have a chaplain in our team, we cooperate with clergy in the region.

Our patients also have at their disposal medical equipment such as: rehabilitation beds, mattresses, oxygen concentrators, walkers and others, which can be rented from us free of charge.