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We’re building a hospice house

What’s it like now?

At the Hospice Foundation of Prophet Elijah, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and a psychologist travel to places where “no one else commutes”. They operate as part of the home hospice. They take care of patients requiring palliative care, support and educate families. However, they can provide support only in patients’ homes, i.e. without the possibility of 24-hour monitoring of the patients’ condition. When the patient’s condition worsens, family care may not be enough, especially since often ill people are cared for by spouses, who themselves require help due to their age and health condition.

How can it be?

From the very beginning, we dream of building the first hospice house in the rural areas of Podlasie, providing 24-hour care. This great plan and important mission are ahead of us – now they have a chance to come true. We want to create a place where every sick person will feel like at home, among their loved ones.

The Prophet Elijah’s Hospice will host:

  • the hospice house, which provides 24-hour care for incurable patients at the end of their lives,
  • the home hospice with a rental of medical and rehabilitation equipment for the patients,
  • the educational space where trainings and workshops for children, youth, adults and professionals will take place.

Dr Paweł Grabowski, founder of the Prophet Elijah Hospice Foundation, says:

There comes a moment when a visit twice a week is not enough, when family care is no longer efficient. Difficulties related to care for a person at the end of his or her life can be solved in a hospice, not in a hospital. The hospice means the people who do not give up on patietnts, but are with them to the end, offering professional and warm care. Under no circumstances the patient feels uncomfortable, because by dying his disturbing others.

What have we already done?

We have a project of the hospice facility, created by the team of Gacek & Hoffmann Architectural Design Office from Wroclaw. The project was inspired by the Polish leprosarium built by the Polish missionary Father Jan Beyzym in the 19th century in Marana, Madagascar.

  • We have full architectural and design documentation.
  • We have a building plot in Makówka near Narew, purchased thanks to our sponsors and donors.
  • We have a building permit.
  • We need PLN 15 million to build the centre.

Support us by making a donation through Facebook or by organizing a fundraiser on Facebook. You can also make a traditional transfer to the account 81 1050 1953 1000 0090 3150 6141, ING Bank Śląski, Białystok branch.

It doesn’t take much to create a hospice, but without the help of donors it won’t work. Everyone can join the Builders of the Hospice – donate money, materials or time. Persuading friends to join the group supporting the development is as well a support for the idea of building the hospice.  Every help will come in handy and every zloty is valuable!

Now it’s up to you. Join us – let’s build together a centre that will support and help both patients in need of care now and in the generations to come.

History of the Polish leprosarium in Marana, Madagascar

The Polish hospice in Marana was founded by Blessed Jan Beyzym (1850-1912), who dedicated his life to people suffering from leprosy in Madagascar. He was called the apostle of lepers and built the first real hospital for them in the region. He wrote about his mission:

Immediately after arriving on the Red Island I decided to live with lepers, what has raised a great deal of concern and reserve on the part of the French Jesuits living outside the leprosarium. Immediately my confreres realized that it wouldn’t be easy for them with me… I simply speak straight… I didn’t like to discuss  too long and fruitlessly, I started working immediately. I wanted to express my love for others not in words but, above all, in concrete good deeds, as St. Ignatius Loyola wanted.  Words must be translated into actions, I wrote in one of my letters.

I spoke of my lepers as “my dear chicks”, I took care of them like a father and a mother, I was a nurse for them, patiently treating stinking wounds. The sight of them stimulated me to be even more tender and kind to them.  As best I could, I tried to comfort them and show patience.   Yes, indeed they were “the most unhappy of the unhappy”. That is why I was so anxious to build a good and modern hospital for them.

Father Beyzym wrote about the development of the hospital itself:

At first, it seemed to me impossible to achieve: a substantial amount of money was needed. I was convinced, however, that the hospital would be built, because this is what God wants to improve the fate of lepers. Internally I also felt that all over the world, especially in Poland, there are many good and generous hearts who would like to support this essential work.

Based on: Fr. M. Wójtowicz SJ, The Story of a Friend of Lepers, “Messenger of the Heart of Jesus” 2012, no. 10.

Source: http://beyzym.pl/wspomnienie-bl-jana-beyzyma-12-x-2016/

The pioneering idea of bringing help inspired Dr Paweł Grabowski, but also Andrzej Gacek, the architect, who created a beautiful project of a hospice facility for patients from rural areas of Podlasie.

The Prophet Elijah’s hospice house isn’t just a building.

Patients will be able to roll out on a bed straight to a meadow, feel the gentle, warm wind on their cheeks, the warmth of the sun shining through the leaves of trees, and enjoy the greenery. Their families will visit them in the building.  There will be a place for a family dinner, which will be  prepared by the relatives in the adjacent hall, and the family will enjoy the meal together like ”in the old times”. We have also planned an ecumenical chapel for everyone. We will build a room with hydromassage, rehabilitation equipment, therapeutic rooms, rooms for meetings and prayers.

Our sponsors and anonymous donors are already supporting us in development the hospice. The Orthodox Metropolitan of Warsaw and the whole Poland Archbishop Sawa also warmly welcomed our idea.

Account number for donations on behalf of the hospice development:

81 1050 1953 1000 0090 3150 6141 ING Bank Śląski, Branch in Białystok

for payments from abroad:


EN 81 1050 1953 1000 0090 3150 6141

This is how the hospice of the Prophet Elijah will look like.

Visualizations were made by Gacek & Hoffmann Architectural Design Office from Wroclaw.


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