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Organize a fundraiser

Please contact us before organizing a fundraiser in a group other than your friends.

You can create fundraisers for us on Facebook – such fundraiser does not need to be agreed with us. You organize it among your friends on Facebook, and the money is directly transferred to our account for the development of the hospice facility. More information about how to start a fundraiser on Facebook.


You’re throwing a party? Are you planning a wedding? You can make your joy help others as well. During such events, guests often bring with them – apart from gifts – large and expensive bouquets of flowers. You can encourage them to subsidize the help for people in need, instead of leaving the money at the florist. It is a beautiful gesture on an important day.

If you are a member of a sports club, organize a sports show with other team members. Another opportunity is a concert or an artistic event. Participants can voluntarily donate money to our hospice. We will be pleased if you send us a photo report and information about the event and the outcome.

How can you help?

Opportunities for fundraisers are for example:

  • charity match or sport event,
  • concert or a cultural event
  • festival in your neighbourhood or in your city,
  • school charity party,
  • participation in the “Fields of Hope” project
  • private events, for example weddings or birthdays. (birthday on Facebook)

The collected funds are used to help terminally ill people in their homes in rural areas of Podlasie. We also organize educational activities for young people and adults, teaching them how to care for the sick. During the classes we teach what the idea of a home hospice is and we share our values close, such as respect for human life at its end. Currently, we also raise funds for the development of a 24-hour hospice facility .

Our public fundraisers are reported on the Public Fundraisers Portal of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration:

  • Fundraiser 2018/251/OR – for the benefit of the residents of the Prophet Elijah’s Hospice
  • Fundraiser 2018/2227/OR – for the construction of a Hospice, Care and Education centre of the Prophet Elijah Hospice Foundation

If you have an idea for a fundraising campaign for our hospice, please let us know.

Please contact us to discuss the details and legal regulations of public and non-public fundraisers, tel.: 85 663 37 34

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