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Make a donation

You can financially support the Prophet Elijah’s Hospice Foundation by: making a bank transfer, donation on fundraiser or our Facebook profile.You can deduct the cash donation from your income tax.

The collected funds are used to help terminally ill people in their homes in rural areas of Podlasie. We also organize educational activities for young people and adults, teaching them how to care for the sick. During the classes we teach what the idea of a home hospice is and we share our values, such as respect for human life at its end. Currently, we also raise funds for the development of a 24-hour hospice facility.


How can you help?

By bank transfer

The main account of the Foundation – by making a payment to this account you support the care of patients of home hospice and ensure the functioning of our Foundation.

Account number: 52 8060 0004 0551 0139 2000 0010

Bank Spółdzielczy in Białystok, Branch in Michałowo

for payments from abroad:


EN 52 8060 0004 0551 0139 2000 0010

Account for development of the hospice facility – by making a payment into this account you help us to achieve our largest project; you become the builder of the Hospice, Care and Education Center in Makówka.

Account number: 81 1050 1953 1000 0090 3150 6141

ING Bank Śląski, Branch in Białystok

for payments from abroad:


EN 81 1050 1953 1000 0090 3150 6141

  • On the website Sie Pomaga

Make a donation with a quick transfer on Sie Pomaga

  • On the Facebook

Build a Hospice House with us by donating using the “donate” button in the header of our Facebook page (top right corner under the photo).

How to deduct a donation from the tax?

The amount of the donation made by individuals for the Podlaskie Hospice Oncological Foundation, e.g. the title “Oncological Donation”: “care for the terminally ill in their homes” can be deducted from the tax base (income), up to 6% of income.

Donations made by legal entities to the Podlaskie Hospice Oncological Foundation can be deducted from the tax base (income), up to 10% of income for each tax year.

Legal basis: Art. 26(1)(9)(A) in conjunction with Art. 26(5) of the Act of 26 July 1991 on Income Tax from Individuals and Art. 11(1) of the Act of 20 November 1998 on Lump-sum Income Tax from Certain Revenues Achieved by Individuals. Article 18(1)(1) of the Corporate Income Tax Act of 15 February 1992.

infographics on the portal

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Dear Donors,

We are grateful for every donation, for every gift in kind and for every other form of support. We would be happy to thank each of you separately, but this is not possible unless we have your free and explicit consent. We are limited by data protection laws.

If you would like to make sure that the money reaches us, please call us (85 663 37 34) or email us at

If you or your institution would like to receive a personal thank you from us in paper or electronic form, please write to us and express your request – we will be happy to comply with it.

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